Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trend Tips For Autumn '68 (or '09)

Because certain articles are hard to scan and since I don't want to ruin old magazines (by too much bending and page-turning) that are not in the best condition to begin with, I guess some things I'm just going to type up.

Light your own autumn bonfire with bright-red lipstick for younger, poutier lips. The glorious crimson lips and nails America went to war with in the late thirties and early forties when Joan Crawford and Rita Hayworth were Technicoloring up the nation's movie screens are being rediscovered by young moderns. Update your look with maraschino, pomegranate, or fire-engine red. Accent with saucy bows, "Bonnie" berets, and pleated skirts. And, for Pete's sake, get someone to find you a megaphone. They're great for football games. - Cosmopolitan Magazine, October 1968

Well, I'm a little inspired to update my look. Minus the megaphone.

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