Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jean Shrimpton...She Hates To Be Fancy

THE WORLD'S most beautiful model, London's Jean Shrimpton, is off on a new career: The cinema, ducks. She makes her film debut in Privilege, directed by 31-year-old Peter Watkins, who rushed to fame with The War Game. Felice Gordon, the agent who handled her modeling, stopped to talk about The Shrimp's new and old careers. Like this: "Jean was making outrageous, just outrageous sums of money. She could make $3,000 a day with a single assignment. She's 24, though, and that's old for the youth-oriented market, so of course she has to be replaced, the public is fickle. She's incredibly beautiful, but then so was Suzy Parker--such a gorgeous face in her day. Jean's bought a house, and she wants nothing more than to putter around in it and be with her own little friends. She hates parties, and rarely will go, only if it's a special friend, and then she wears just what she happens to have on that day. Hates to be fancy. Twiggy is popular now because she's only 17 and the public is demanding youth now. But she's really a bit ordinary to stay for long: I mean, one can't respect that face too long." Felice, not Feline.
-Ladies Home Journal, July 1967

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