Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Get In The Halloween Spirit With 'Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders'

Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders or Valerie A Týden Divů is a cult-erotic-fantasy-horror made in Czechoslovakia in 1969 (released in '70). Valerie, played by Jaroslava 'Jarka' Schallerova, is a young girl whose entrance into womanhood (after her magic earrings of innocence are stolen) is accompanied by surreality, eccentric carnivals and mystical rituals along with scary vampires and witches. At the time of its release, the film created a lot of controversy, especially with its daring sexuality (Jaroslava was only 14, then). Fortunately, unlike so many other great Czech films, this one is available on DVD even in America (with English subtitles). You can find it on Amazon or eBay.

Little bit of trivia: Petr Kopriva plays Orlik (Czech for Eagle), the young man who steals Valerie's earrings. Petr would eventually become Jarka's husband in real life. Despite their age difference when they met (he was 22, 8 years older than her), they became friends during filming, started dating later on and then married when Jarka was 20 in 1976. They are still together and have two sons.

The following are some promotional photos Jarka took while filming this European cult classic.

Raquel & Tahnee Welch - Like Mother, Like Daughter

Raquel Welch's little girl, Tahnee, in ironed-smooth hair, short bangs. Mother Raquel, actress and legend, with hair heaped around her sensational face by Carrie White of Beverly Hills. Mornings, things are helped along by two fat rollers left for an hour and back-combed for the look of lots. Miss Welch's dress by Rudi Gernreich; child's dress, Bambola. - Ladies Home Journal, November 1967

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trend Tips For Autumn '68 (or '09)

Because certain articles are hard to scan and since I don't want to ruin old magazines (by too much bending and page-turning) that are not in the best condition to begin with, I guess some things I'm just going to type up.

Light your own autumn bonfire with bright-red lipstick for younger, poutier lips. The glorious crimson lips and nails America went to war with in the late thirties and early forties when Joan Crawford and Rita Hayworth were Technicoloring up the nation's movie screens are being rediscovered by young moderns. Update your look with maraschino, pomegranate, or fire-engine red. Accent with saucy bows, "Bonnie" berets, and pleated skirts. And, for Pete's sake, get someone to find you a megaphone. They're great for football games. - Cosmopolitan Magazine, October 1968

Well, I'm a little inspired to update my look. Minus the megaphone.

Outdoor Girl Raquel Welch